Tobique First Nation Health Centre


Neqotkuk Health Centre
(Tobique First Nation Health Centre)
278 Main Street

Tobique First Nation,NB
E7H 2Y8

The Health Centre offers a full time Community Health Nurse who offers limited diabetic management education as needed and follow-up, home visitation, limited nutrition counseling, quarterly diabetes education sessions, contracted foot care, school prevention education, chronic disease screening clinics, and occasional walking programs. In addition, Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI) prevention and promotion programs are available on demand, with limited financial assistance for non-benefit diabetes-related supplies (on a case-by-case basis).

A Health Care Coordination program is available to manage home care needs of diabetic patients (i.e.: homemaker services, monitoring, wound management) as well as medical transportation service for in-town and long distance appointments. A part time Registered Dietitian is available to assist in diabetes management and nutrition counseling, school education programs for diabetes prevention, and Headstart and daycare education for staff and parents regarding healthy nutrition for preschoolers and young children.